• Production of High Precision Quality Parts for Aviation Industry
  • ISO 9100


Merkad performs great efforts to maintain its quality level of its products at the international standards. In the light of these efforts, our company has ISO 9001 Quality Assurance System Certificate since 2006 and AS9100 certification process continues. We support quality assurance processes including FMEA, FAI and 8D, conduct continuous in-process quality verification. AS9100 quality requirements are maintained at Merkad by inspecting raw materials, parts in process and finished products before they are sent to the customer. Please review quality control page to see quality control capabilities.

Vision: To be preferred strategic business partner with its production quality in high value added sectors.

Mission: To manufacture our products in a timely and sustainable quality in order to meet the expectations of our customers and  ensure the satisfaction of our employees.

Quality Policy: 

Merkad's quality policy is to achieve the following objectives;

  • To ensure customer satisfaction and exceed customer expectations
  • Improve and enhance product and service quality with a risk-based approach, continuosly.
  • Increasing the competencies of its employees by ensuring their participation and satisfaction
  • To improve cooperation with our suppliers
  • To make affordable, sustainable and high quality production by investing in advanced technology and trained labor resources